Time after time

There will always be time for love and this endless letters.
Time to remember your bright smile,
My eyes lost in your sight,
And the evening that one day will come back.

Time that gathers all of our memories,
Making them a song,
That frees our mind, holding together
Those memories and our hearts.

And that makes true our dreams,
Dreams become a reality
That takes over every evening
One day, will hold hands
Together till eternity.


Wars and Hearts

It's cold ,
the nite has taken over the endless sun,
just six minutes past my love,
memories take position in the battlefield,
ready to attack my defenseless heart.
Cold, the weather is cold.
Reason is standing next to you,
holding a gun loaded with excuses,
you are ready to fight,
and I don't understand why.
Wait a minute,
before the battle begins,
let my heart take cover under your freedom,
cause it seems it's the only blessing i have to my name .
So lets fight for what should be
instead of what could have been.
When this war is over,
think of me and hold me tight,
to your thoughts, to your mind,
while you walk across
the ruins of two broken hearts.


Stolen Nite

I surprise myself,
looking in old memories,
searching for the kisses
that stole from us one nite.
But as the time goes by
I look into your eyes
and I see the sadness
that your heart hides;
the love we had
escaped as a burglar
from our hands.
Tell me, please...
What happened to our words?
Tell me, please...
Who broke our love?
It might be gone,
the lips where I dreamed,
just distance between ports.
And now solitude hugs my heart,
what can I say?
Everything became nothing,
time doesn't know how to go back
and probably you don't want me to remind.
Silence is breaking us apart,
like a sorrow, my words cry out....
Where are you?


Solitude St.

Today my world has turned gray,
the sky has been crying my evergreen.
My bed keeps moving, I cant sleep;
the wind whispers your name,
can't see you laughing,
I'm not even able to imagine,
my thoughts are wondering
in solitude street, right next
to the heart with crazy beat.
I keep walking through thin air,
looking for the silence of the warm nite.
The best I can breath ,
pure, honest.....
and I'm still wandering around.


Train station

How could I live without you ?
How could I forget you ?
Whenever you were not around,
I couldn't get you out of my mind.
I don't know where you are now, nor with whom,
but it would hurt more to know the truth,
that is why I just imagine myself close to you.
The moon knows I only care about you,
my soul is tied to your memory,
following your steps,
trying to fill the gaps
your absence has left.
But please don't tell me this story is over,
it would only make my journey longer....
Please just hold my hand....
Your shadow traps me in the middle of a cold rain,
while my heart is still waiting in the station where you left.
How could I forget you?
whenever you are not around,
I can't get you out of my mind.


Summer Nite

My heart, late evening of july;
the day, one thousand nites.
Every dream in my mind,
your lips, that kiss;
reality or fantasy?
Your heart,
early morning of my life.
So pure, so innocent.
Your thoughts, my eyes;
my dreams, still apart;
your hopes, a feeling,
same as mine,
torn apart
every day , every nite.


Your smile

Now that I'm feeling sad,
I imagine your face;
It brings me a smile.
You always did,
and you still do.
Your mysterious yet charming smile,
it takes over my thoughts,
now far, far away,
yet close, close to my heart.
Every time i touched your face
you thought i was being gentle,
but that wasn't the whole truth;
I was filling my soul,
through my fingers,
through your smile.
You always did,
and you still do.