Silent shadows

Talking to the shadows in the wall,
thinking about you,
whispering to your heart,
hoping you will listen to my words.
Can't sleep, my dreams are about you;
can't stay awake, I just think of you.
I'm not myself anymore,
you have discovered the real me;
the one I hide for fear
of harm pain and neglect.
A lion waitin to break free,
a side no one but you has seen.
Back to the darkness of my room,
making friends with shadows,
thinking of us, opening my heart;
hoping it won't be hurt this time.
I whisper again, no answer arrives.
I shout ... Dead cold silence.
Talking with my eyes,
silencing my mouth.
Hold my hand,
let me know you're with me
Don't speak ...
Just answer with a kiss.

Coeur noir

For my heart, your heart
and my freedom in your eyes.
From my lips to the sky;
my illusion every day
and the rain in the nite.
The horizon and your absence
suddenly you crash in my mind.
Why touch it?, why make her sad?
Why think she is not
like the rest that lies behind ?
Histories that I could tell you.
Histories that mark my past;
some I won't remember,
written in dead cold ice.
Some are full of sadness,
sadness I can't hide.
For my heart, your heart
and my freedom in your eyes.
Picture by Mary G.F.

Posto sconosciuto

From the place
where I am always thinking of you,
wondering where to go, what to do.
From the stone I left my heart,
hiding my feelings
from them walking apart.
From the darkness my soul was lost,
searching your light,
imagining your eyes.
Can't walk this path,
not this way,
without holding your hands.



Right next to you ,
facing each other;
who else but you,
to read my feelings
through these eyes
flying like butterflies.

It is me;
the one who tenders your dream
in constelations of stars,
in the depth of your mind.

In a blue nite,
I torn my luck to be with you.
But what am I?,
Saying this is just an illusion
of my playful heart.

A heart that remembers
our first kiss,
your lips
and my dream.

Why the road seems longer?
If it was already walked.
I sigh,
between the shadows
and destiny shadows ....
I look at you ,
cry out loud your feelings ....
cry out loud ....

Walking away, I look back ......
Nothing but dust,
I keep walking,
staring at the empty road,
your light still burns bright .....
It seems blurry,
I can't see any difference,
everything looks the same....

I wake up ....
You are still here,
your lips,
your eyes,
your thoughts,
my mind ....

I sigh.....
Wondering ....
A star on top ...
Two more ....
Our stars ....
One heart ....

Image by Kalnieciay


Coeur blanc

One day
I will forget
filling myself
just enough to be brave.
Leaving behind
the dark past,
I'll speak through my heart
and you'll know.


Because of us
for your cause.
Brighten my life,
don't ignore my eyes.
If we were together
you would understand
why my heart,
needs your heart.

Echoes of time

Thinking, stuck in the worst loneliness.
You are far away, farther than anybody.
Thinking, freeing some birds,
vanishing your image, burying my heart,
choking sorrows, crushing hopes;
I won't fight you, not tonite.
Sometimes your presence is absent,
like a stranger in my life.
I think, deeply, while I walk,
how was life before you?
Screaming to the sea,
sad anger, a scream,
the emptiness of this nite.
Who were you before that?
You were far away, just as tonite.
Fire !!!
Fire in my heart,
who is calling?
Who can't listen?
Im burning, everything is falling apart,
and my soul dances in the echoes,
and my soul cries.
Time of bitter...
Time to die...


Alley whispers

Surround my thoughts with your arms ,
silence my eyes with your red lips ,
lets begin the nite
brightened by a full moon and your blue eyes.

Walk ... Through the alley,
don't be afraid, hold my hand;
everybody is looking , hoping we fall
but we'll walk together till the end.

And now...
my shadow kisses your dreams,
my lips scream your name,
and your absence surrounds the day.

How will you get rid
of the ashes of our love?
So deep in your heart,
burning your soul, burning your mind.

Future glimpses; a shooting star,
just a star, but it reminds
of three lights burning in the sky,
silent witnesses of our secret.

Hug me; winter cold
takes over my eyes,
a tear got frozen after it fell down.
Kiss me again.... before I die.



Until today , I still think there is tomorrow,
What we did is what may be,
and still our paths
are divided, just when the sunset died.

I've been looking around,
and everyday, the past seemed to be earased.
Your body is so distant,
and your words are cold.

So far away, your body from mine;
is it possible that the thought of you
is just playing tricks in my mind?
How can I understand?

It reminds me of so many things
that I left pending in different places,
leaving behind the time,
and all of our discussions and fights.

You never left,
still present wherever the sun sets.
And time goes by
with your eyes chained to my heart.

I know it is true......
It's just the thought about you........