Emerald Eyes

I closed a chapter of this life,

In the dawn of a kiss

With the ink of your lips,

Written by those trembling hands

Those tremble whenever you are in fear.

Keeping two hearts from breaking apart.

I tossed away one dream from the bag

Full of wishes and shining stars,

Dropped from the 38th floor

And watched it crash.

Yet I dont understand why I write,

Could it be your absence?

or a way to get rid of my fears?

Yet I dont want your compassion,

But a permanent thought in your mind.

A whisper lost with the wind,

And a sunset that left open

A blank page in the forgotten book

To be written when I see myself reflected

In your emerald eyes.


Mar y mar, Noche y dia

Tapame los ojos
para no ver cuando salga el sol,
evitar la angustia de saber tu partida
cuando aquellas estrellas fugaces
dejen de brillar sin tu presencia.
Rodeado por la fria alborada
busco entre tus labios el sabor marchito
de un beso que jamas has terminado
vuelve, y abraza mi ausencia
besa la sombra de mi obscura memoria.