Nebula nocte

It has been a dark and foggy nite
Being I'm your's and you're mine
Holding your hand I been facing this life
On days that looked like a nitemare from my eyes.

I hold your heart tight to mine
This feeling of emtpiness has started to collide
I understand that distance has changed our ways
Your shadow blurring back a strange

I can't even feel you no more
I'm here my love to you remain
How can I make you stay with me
Of me, you're not happy anymore

So I think of us countless times
Ocean of tears falling in my eyes
Day and nite I wish to fight
My love for you rain or shine
If I thought I'll change your mind

But our dreams I'll hide and save inside
I'll cherish them like a precious star
Perhaps, it'll help if you stay one more nite
and let my heart cherish your heart.



Your eyes hide under the sheets,
covered in lust, tears and dreams.
I take off my pride,
leave it right next to my pants.

My sin keeps growing,
in this distance, there is no place to hide.
Your sight gets lost in memories,
memoirs you seem not understand.

It is time to reveal my mind,
find a place for my broken heart,
taking a step closer to the edge,
your heart and body are so far away.

Should I let myself fall apart,
wait for your heart to make up its mind,
it is this love that brings me back
To a bed that is empty tonite.



One espresso shot,
half past five,
pop two naproxen pills,
wash them down with redbull,
light up my pipe,
picture your smile in my mind,
its worthless.....

One espresso more,
half past nine,
a tear rolls down my eyes,
the taste of tobacco
bitters in my mouth.
Your memory vanishes with the smoke.......

One last espresso,
twelve forty five,
the moon wont shine tonight.
Light up one more time,
the tobacco turns into ashes
after a quick fire.
Just like my heart.....


Coração de caipirinha

Después de embriagar mi corazón

de caricias y besos eternos,

entre fantasías e ilusiones,

he caído presa de tus mentiras.

Te escucho a lo lejos,

el sonido inconfundible de tus pasos,

el ambiente perfumado de tu piel

embriaga mis sentidos….

Sumerge mis sueños en tu pasión,

Olvida el tiempo pasado

Aquel que te ha lastimado

Sumerge mi vida en tu corazón.

Ofuscado por tus besos

Que tan solo han dejado un sabor amargo

Vuelvo a recordar que solo han sido mentiras,

Mentiras e ilusiones, vuélveme a embriagar.