Lost Day

- Are you sure?

- Yes, no doubt about it.

- Did you asked Alex about it ?

- Indeed, and nothing.

- How bout Diego?

- Same story.

- Don't you have classes that day?

- I talked to Mrs. Sobin and she has no record about it.

- Mhhh … don't worry, you'll remember the moment you least expect it …. You'll see.

- Sure… we'll talk later.

- Don't worry everything will be fine.

- I hope so…. Ciao.

- Bye

Maybe a note or a poem I wrote that day…

I check every notebook and loose paper I find… the desk... The counter…


Maybe in my pockets… As I go through every pair of jeans looking for an answer I get the same answer.


Dirty clothes are still scattered all around my bedroom, and the dirty dishes show that no one has eaten anything in the past few days.

I count my cigars….A Partagas, the Cohiba Diego gave me, and an old Sancho…. This only means there has been no parties and my friends have not been in the apartment lately.

The dog is lying next to his bowls which are empty and dry meaning its been a while since last I fed him.

The car is still in the same spot I usually park it so it gives me the same answer.


My mail is full, but there is no mail from that day, there are no calls placed or received in my cell phone, and I check my email and there is nothing new.

I'm tired….

There are no signs of it.

I have lost another day.

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