Nebula nocte

It has been a dark and foggy nite
Being I'm your's and you're mine
Holding your hand I been facing this life
On days that looked like a nitemare from my eyes.

I hold your heart tight to mine
This feeling of emtpiness has started to collide
I understand that distance has changed our ways
Your shadow blurring back a strange

I can't even feel you no more
I'm here my love to you remain
How can I make you stay with me
Of me, you're not happy anymore

So I think of us countless times
Ocean of tears falling in my eyes
Day and nite I wish to fight
My love for you rain or shine
If I thought I'll change your mind

But our dreams I'll hide and save inside
I'll cherish them like a precious star
Perhaps, it'll help if you stay one more nite
and let my heart cherish your heart.

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