I am free as a bird; I choose where to go, what to do. Nobody depends on me , I do not depend on anybody … Simple as it sounds is more complicated than most people thinks. I do not have peace of mind so I got simply nothing , I may have a fancy car waiting in my front door, designer clothes, some money in my pocket, no woman to ask me where I was last nite and still no peace of mind.
What is all about?
What is the purpose of all?
And probably those questions will keep flying through my head for a long time……
The emptiness I feel is just a vision, a feeling of another reality, the reality that hurts our feelings and blurs our reason.
That feeling is caused by something people calls love, a rite between human beings, a practice that includes physical and mental sacrifice, the practice of love is a vision of something sacred, our own happiness, which becomes a unique moment every time.
But this sacrifice is just a mean for a common destiny, if the means becomes the destiny, it turns into destruction of ourselves, the result is not our own happiness and freedom but slavery and soul darkness.
And this is what has been happening in the past few years , love has been torn out of its real context, turning into something that instead of creating is destroying, its like profaning a sacred sacrament , like contemporaneous promiscuity is just profaning our bodies without any true meaning.
At this point I turn my reflection on myself , I can not perceive the real me, its just blurred perceptions and the compositions of these are the ones that forms myself.
Our reality is not but descriptions of others processed by us, our love is not but a reality perceived by our own feelings.

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