Hopes of love

Life made me crazy , crazy about a miracle called love, but that is just a name, a name doesn’t tells that much if there is not a feeling involved ; how is it possible that we resume a wave of feelings in three simple words….. I love you, and it really depends on the moment that those words are said, by whom are said, and obviously to whom they are said.
But all this madness, what is worth if it is just said because of a compromise and not a true feeling, isn’t it just a waste of time, words and hope? Hope? You may ask, yes hope, because with every word we say, every time we say it, we are building towards the future, a castle of dreams, of wishes and expectations.
Now let’s turn the card and face the other way, what happens when you are not able to convey your love?, what happens when something stop us from showing our true feelings towards the loved one?, are we strong enough to keep our desire to ourselves and see the ones we care for keep going with their lives with out letting them know? Isn’t that really stupid, awkward, and nonsense?
What should we expect then?
Wait till the person that loves us open to us and let their feelings flow through their words, actions and thoughts, or just move on, walking slow to a new future, looking for a new port, paused without hurries, taking with us what one day was something beautiful, a couple of letters and photographs, to let us sigh whenever we need to go back to our peace state of mind, giving us time to realize how far we are now.
Letting our heart speak our way, guiding us through what we once already walked, and then when we find our true love, we’ll be back to what once was the beginning of our journey.
The craziness will keep you walking, even though your mind is filled with crazy ideas, our heart will recognize when we have reached our final goal…. Love and be loved.

Thorn hug by Margot Knight

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