Dream without love

To Angelene Channelle

I don't want to be your headache anymore,
I don't want to see how the rope gets tight,
neither be your negative part
when you've been my happiness.

I can't tell you to go or stay,
but if you stay ,you'll help me find my way.
I don't know what I'm going to do if you go away.
Thinking about it is just madness.

If you want to say good bye, say it now,
it may be better for both.
If you think there is nothing left to fight,
then it won't hurt.

I don't want to cause so much trouble,
you already got enough in your life.
Why we let this get out of our hands?
we swore we wouldn't let this go that far.

But I know we can,
I'm willing to fight.
tell me if you'll be my love,
or if its already lost.

This poem will be published in the book "Eternal Portraits"

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