Silent shadows

Talking to the shadows in the wall,
thinking about you,
whispering to your heart,
hoping you will listen to my words.
Can't sleep, my dreams are about you;
can't stay awake, I just think of you.
I'm not myself anymore,
you have discovered the real me;
the one I hide for fear
of harm pain and neglect.
A lion waitin to break free,
a side no one but you has seen.
Back to the darkness of my room,
making friends with shadows,
thinking of us, opening my heart;
hoping it won't be hurt this time.
I whisper again, no answer arrives.
I shout ... Dead cold silence.
Talking with my eyes,
silencing my mouth.
Hold my hand,
let me know you're with me
Don't speak ...
Just answer with a kiss.

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