Right next to you ,
facing each other;
who else but you,
to read my feelings
through these eyes
flying like butterflies.

It is me;
the one who tenders your dream
in constelations of stars,
in the depth of your mind.

In a blue nite,
I torn my luck to be with you.
But what am I?,
Saying this is just an illusion
of my playful heart.

A heart that remembers
our first kiss,
your lips
and my dream.

Why the road seems longer?
If it was already walked.
I sigh,
between the shadows
and destiny shadows ....
I look at you ,
cry out loud your feelings ....
cry out loud ....

Walking away, I look back ......
Nothing but dust,
I keep walking,
staring at the empty road,
your light still burns bright .....
It seems blurry,
I can't see any difference,
everything looks the same....

I wake up ....
You are still here,
your lips,
your eyes,
your thoughts,
my mind ....

I sigh.....
Wondering ....
A star on top ...
Two more ....
Our stars ....
One heart ....

Image by Kalnieciay

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