Alley whispers

Surround my thoughts with your arms ,
silence my eyes with your red lips ,
lets begin the nite
brightened by a full moon and your blue eyes.

Walk ... Through the alley,
don't be afraid, hold my hand;
everybody is looking , hoping we fall
but we'll walk together till the end.

And now...
my shadow kisses your dreams,
my lips scream your name,
and your absence surrounds the day.

How will you get rid
of the ashes of our love?
So deep in your heart,
burning your soul, burning your mind.

Future glimpses; a shooting star,
just a star, but it reminds
of three lights burning in the sky,
silent witnesses of our secret.

Hug me; winter cold
takes over my eyes,
a tear got frozen after it fell down.
Kiss me again.... before I die.

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