Echoes of time

Thinking, stuck in the worst loneliness.
You are far away, farther than anybody.
Thinking, freeing some birds,
vanishing your image, burying my heart,
choking sorrows, crushing hopes;
I won't fight you, not tonite.
Sometimes your presence is absent,
like a stranger in my life.
I think, deeply, while I walk,
how was life before you?
Screaming to the sea,
sad anger, a scream,
the emptiness of this nite.
Who were you before that?
You were far away, just as tonite.
Fire !!!
Fire in my heart,
who is calling?
Who can't listen?
Im burning, everything is falling apart,
and my soul dances in the echoes,
and my soul cries.
Time of bitter...
Time to die...

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